Optrel Swiss Air PAPR system


(ex vat)

Product code:E4700 

Introducing Swiss Air, the revolutionary TH3 PAPR system from optrel.The very first PAPR half mask, all the benefits of a half mask with the all of the features of a PAPR. The optrel Swiss Air respiratory protection system is independent of the helmet or other equipment used and is therefore the most versatile optrel respiratory protection system available. It can also be used with a construction/industrial helmet, weldCap® or without a helmet at all. Take a deep breath, safety never felt so comfortable.


The Swiss Air is certified as a TH3 product not a TM3. it does not need a face fit test, the same as all other TH3 items. It does have a seal around the face but not tight fitting and it is positive pressure. Ideal for heathcare setting with the ears no covered so communication is possible , great for those professionals that cant use a half mask or have stubble hence failing face fit testing .


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