JSP Force Exhale guard

£2.30 (ex vat)

Product code EBTU000

JSP EVG Exhale Guard NEW Product one of a kind , filters your breath shielding those you come in contact with 

Captures aerosols and droplets exhaled by the wearer, protecting the working environment Compatible with Force™ 8 half mask and Force™10 Typhoon™ full face mask Easy fit - snap on feature for quick and easy fitting to Force™8 and Force™10 Typhoon™ masks.

To remove, simply press at top and bottom of valve guard Enables use of reusable valved respiratory protection in sterile settings, for reduced waste and costs The Force™10 / Force™8 Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve reduces moisture, heat and CO2 build-up for enhanced comfort and lower wearer fatigue

Fibre insert dissipates exhaled breath through outer filter media *Meets bacterial efficiency and splash protection performance requirements for EN14683 Type IIR

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