3M Versaflo starter kit

£620.00 (ex vat)

Product code ETR315UK

3M Versaflo Starter Kit Very good option for healthcare settings , the two most popular head top options in the S-133 & S-333 both offering a long term solution for protection of staff without the need for face fit Simple starter kit with all the component parts to get you up and running.

Simply add the headtop required The 2 selectable flow rate options - 185l/mn and 205l/mn - offer more comfort to the user.

Easy-to-use, versatile, respirator systems for particulate environments Highly Efficient filter captures hazardous dust, mist and fume plus options for nuisance level gases and vapours Slim, lightweight balanced design for comfort Intelligent lithium ion battery quickly charges, has no memory effect and incorporates useful charge indicator Electronic audible and visual low air flow and low battery alarms as well as battery charge indicator /particulate filter loading status indicators and airflow indicator Easy to adjust and maintain Battery charge indicator on the battery

The Versaflo powered air system combines performance, protection and functionality with modern, stylish, lightweight design and unrivalled comfort. Powered Air Starter Kit TR-315UK+ contains TR-302E+ Turbo Unit, Particle Filter, Pre-Filter, Spark Arrestors, Standard Belt, High Capacity Battery, Battery Charger Kit and length adjusting Breathing Tube

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